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We Purchase Cars

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our capacity to buy just about any car. We know that certain makes, models, and years are very difficult to sell. Maybe you have tried to sell on the private market and haven’t received any interest on your older car or you have only received low ball offers. Maybe you bought your truck when gas was $2 per gallon, and now no one will give it a second look. Maybe the dealerships won’t consider a trade-in because of the condition of your vehicle, or your mechanic has been pressuring you to pour money into repairs to increase the resale value of your car. No matter why you’ve had trouble selling your vehicle before, we can help you today. We’ll take your car as-is, regardless of engine trouble or exterior damage. We buy cars with low miles per gallon ratings and vehicles that have gained bad reputations. We buy just about everything we can.

What We Buy

Most Makes – We buy both foreign made and domestic. We buy cars manufactured by now defunct companies and vehicles that are produced by companies with bad reputations that produce poor quality vehicles.

Many Models – At Cash for Cars Buffalo, we have a different perspective on car buying than the average consumer. We don’t make our purchasing decisions based solely on MPG, safety features, or luxury options. As such, we regularly buy trucks and large SUVs that might not sell on the traditional market. We also buy all types of cars: compacts, sports cars, sedans, mid-size, and convertibles. We buy minivans as well as larger passenger vans. Chances are we will buy your vehicle, no matter what type it is.

Every Condition – We buy like new vehicles just the same as we buy junk cars. We have the experience to quickly take condition into account and offer you a fair amount for any kind of vehicle. We’ll buy a car even if it has a very high mileage count. In fact, we even buy taxis, delivery cars, and other heavily used vehicles. We buy cars that are unsafe to drive because they have been in an accident. We also buy cars with interior damage such as split upholstery, cracked dashboards, or broken stereos. We might even make you an offer if your vehicle has severe engine trouble!


"My sister's Mazda blew a head gasket a year ago. She had only paid about $500 for the car, so she didn't want to pay to fix the engine only to have something else go wrong down the road. This company picked up her car the next day and paid her for it."

Kathryn B.